1. My blog uses a socialist (Marxist) feminist perspective. I believe that while sex trafficking is largely a gender issue, it is also includes the issues of race, class, sex orientation, education, and economics. Many women are sold into sex trafficking because their family members need the money, other times they are stolen because the traffickers know that they can get away with it because people are too scared to stop them.

2. I hope to provide interesting information so that women and men will realize that sex trafficking is a global epidemic and that there are many resources for them to educate themselves on the subject.

3. Before this year I didn’t realize that I was a feminist. I believe that women should have reproductive rights, equal pay in the workforce, and I don’t think that women should be excluded from anything they wish to do. I am so thankful that I am able to get a higher education, that I was allowed to play basketball throughout high school, and that I have access to resources that will further my life.

4. I believe that women should not just be equal to men, that they are their own sex and gender. Women hold up half the sky and they should be treated that way. Women in other countries do not always have access to birth control and condoms to help fight AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. I am glad to say that I support the Democratic Party and I stand behind President Obama. I believe that every woman should have reproductive rights. Women and children, even men, are being sexually exploited. When I was a child I was sexually abused. It has changed my life and I will probably never live up to the potential that I could have if I wasn’t a victim. I struggle and some days I even forget, that it was just a bad dream. I want to make people aware sex trafficking because no child, woman, or man should have to experience such pain and sorrow.