I chose to use this photograph as my piece of original art. I took this photo one evening in my hometown of Reno, Nevada. My blog is about the issue of sex trafficking and my blog name is halftheskyosu. This photo represents not only the name, but it represents peace and tranquility. I wish to see the day where sex slavery is a thing of the past, just like slavery in our own country is a thing of the past. I wish to see the day were a woman can look up into the sky and know they she holds up half of that sky. She is not the same as a man but has the same right to opportunities that he does. He will one day realize that she is more than what he thought and that she keeps the world going. He must realize that she is strong, and that mistreating her is wrong and not right. I wish to see the day that women are no longer slaves, the day that they are not longer raped, and the day that every woman has a voice.