These are two books that I am currently reading. I started reading Half the Sky after watching the documentary. I felt this urge to read the book because I wanted to know where the inspiration came from for the documentary. I am about half way through the book right now and it is so intriguing! There was a Chinese Proverb on one of the first pages that said “Women hold up half the sky.” I’m assuming that is where the title of the book came from. Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn were inspired to write the book after they started researching all of China’s “Lost Girls.” Every year thousands of girls are unaccounted for in China and Nick and Sheryl were interested to learn why. In China, boys are preferred and girls are overlooked. A mother will take her son to the hospital if he is sick but if it were her daughter, the little girl may never reach the hospital and instead may die from injuries or sickness.  Girls in China are often sold or they also die because they are not as valuable as boys. I learned this from watching the documentary and I am also considering reading the couple’s (Nick and Sheryl’s) other books.

I learned about Somaly Mam from watching the documentary Half The Sky. She is a very courageous women and fights against sex slavery because she has first hand experience with it. When she was a child, she was sold into sex trafficking. Once she was able to free herself from this epidemic, she worked hard to save other girls and she started the Somaly Mam Foundation. The Road of Lost Innocence is a true story about her heroism in Cambodia. I am only a few pages into this autobiography but I cannot wait until I have more free time to read it. I hope Winter Break comes soon!